Q: How long are your cords? 

A: All of our cords are 3 meters. 


Q: Where is the in-line switch located on the cord sets? 

A: The in-line switch is half way along the cord, leaving approximately 1.5 meters of cord length either side. 


Q: Can I have a cord set made longer/shorter? Can I have a cord set made with the in-line switch in a different location? Can I have a cord set made with different coloured fitting?

A: We make all of our products in bulk to ensure we have stock ready to dispatch as quickly as possible once an order is placed. As such, we do not offer any custom orders with specifications different to what is listed on the product descriptions. 


Q: How do I turn my plug in pendant light into a fixed ceiling pendant? And how does this work with the in-line switch?

A: You can turn our plug in pendant lights into a permanent feature by purchasing a ceiling kit from our website. The cord sets can be re-wired into a ceiling kit by a licensed electrician. 

Most pendant lights have a 0.9m drop from the ceiling. Given the in-line switch is approximately 1.5m from the socket, there is plenty of room for a licensed electrician to remove the in-line switch and re-wire it to the ceiling kit. 


Q: Can I have my order sent by express post?

A: We currently do not offer express post shipping. 


Q: Do you have a store or stockists where I can see your products in person?

A: We do have some stockists located around Australia. You can see our Stockists page for further information. 

NOTE: We do not have visibility into how much stock a stockist has in store. We strongly recommend you contact them by phone or email prior to making a trip to their store to avoid disappointment.